Hello P.A.L [Parents of Accelerated Learners] NYC,

IMG_8990IMG_8168IMG_8204IMG_8193  Welcome to PALNYC,

If your child exhibits advanced abilities in reading, music, art, math or other areas, seems intensely curious or sensitive, appears bored or acts out in the general ed classroom, is already a bit too good at negotiating, or if you are simply looking for resources, programs and innovative tools to support your child’s learning needs, then you are in the right place.

Join us this 2014/2015 season for The NYC Ed Tech Family Day: A’Fair and our signature PALNYC Workshop Series in the Spring to discover how you can support the talent development and strengths of your child. Stay tuned for details about all of our upcoming programs that will include new topics and the tried and true, like Navigating NYC’s G&T Options with an inside look at the programs that best accommodate advanced learners, and Supporting Your Child’s Gifts & Talents All Summer Long, offering practical ways to prevent summer learning loss just in time for Summer break.

PALNYC is proud to partner with School Choice International and School Search Solutions for The Michael Perelstein $20,000 Scholarship Fund’s Discover Your Passion Competition. The Discover Your Passion™ Competition encourages parents, students, teachers and schools to identify and showcase exemplary creativity, intellectual pursuits and talent of school children. The competition also attempts to bring to the foreground the full range of what talent can be – from the academically advanced “how does it work?” student to the child who loves animals and has the potential to harness that passion to be the next Temple Grandin or Jane Goodall. If your child is in 2nd to 8th grade in NYC, then he or she is eligible. The deadline for applications is September 15, 2014.

We’ll continue announcing new resources and events taking place throughout the city to help parents and educators support their children’s cognitive, social and emotional development. And we’ll be announcing more partnerships and programs available for your children from NYC’s best.

Stay tuned. We look forward to another great year together.


Ten Days and Counting…


60 Days of Summer Fun… #17- Share a Quote a Day


If Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade. I will always remember this quote because a much cheesier framed version of it hung above our picnic style dining table throughout my youth. We learned a lot of things at the table, but that mantra of positivity stuck with me my entire life. It’s probably why I’m […]

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60 Days of Summer Fun… #16- Improve Your Aim


This might be more of a summer bucket list item, but it’s a great way to enjoy sports indoor and out while improving a skill. Aiming is an important part of archery, playing pool, bowling, softball, baseball, basketball, golf, darts and so many more sports. Perfecting one’s aim takes practice, and here are some great games – […]

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60 Days of Summer Fun… #15- Take the Opportunity to Teach- and Learn- a Life Lesson

I’m riding in the elevator with my 8-year old daughter and no one else is around. We’ve just sucked down the best and saltiest black licorice I’ve ever eaten, and with 40 more floors to descend, I smile at the mirrored elevator door to make sure there’s no black stuff stuck in my teeth. It’s […]

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60 Days of Summer Fun… #14- Document Your Summer


The film Boyhood was inspiration for this one. I’ve always loved the idea of a visual documentation of time passing. Documenting the summer can provide an opportunity for children to write, increase vocabulary skills, practice penmanship (especially as we lose our cursive writing to typing and texting), not to mention, provide great memories and a snapshot of the summer. […]

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60 Days of Summer Fun… #13- Incorporate Math Creatively

Why torture your child with meaningless drill and kill math when there are plenty of creative ways to explore mathematical thinking this summer. Drill and kill may be useful when learning multiplication tables or when more practice is needed in an area of weakness. But the summer should be fun, and when incorporating math, do your best to […]

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60 Days of Summer Fun… #12- Be A Model for Your Child

‘I don’t want to take swim lessons!! I already know how to swim.” That’s what happens when I make the choices for summer activities, so despite desperately wanting my daughter to have stronger skills in an area she is improving in on her own, sometimes you have to let loose of the reigns a bit. I’ve […]

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60 Days of Summer Fun… #11- Cook Together

Let’s Get Cooking Now….For our 90 Days of Summer Fun idea, roll up your sleeves and get out your aprons because we’re heading to the kitchen! A study conducted by the University of Alberta, Canada found that children who help with food preparation and experiment with food in the kitchen are more likely to try new foods […]

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60 Days of Summer Fun… #10- Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Girls


Image owned by Rex F. May, via baloocartoons.com What better time than summer to encourage your kiddo’s budding entrepreneurial efforts? Opportunities abound for learning about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, scarcity, branding and marketing and so much more. And learning on your toes is paramount. With women holding less than 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions […]

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