High School Admissions Timeline

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Getting your high school admissions plan of attack in order starts with understanding the timeline. The Good: Most of it is pretty simple and straight forward. The Bad: Given the load of research, school visits, interviews, test preparations and practice, essay writing and application downloads and submissions, you’ll feel like a rat getting chased by an oncoming train.  The Ugly: Just when you think you’ve gotten into the groove, and can finally sit back and relax, it’s  acceptance time, and that’s also good news, we hope, but then you have to accept schools before hearing from all of your schools if you are considering specialized public and independent simultaneously– not to mention if you prefer a waitlisted school to one from which you previously received an acceptance letter.

Download the Excel or PDF version of the High School Admissions Timeline Calendar and make it your own:
HS Admissions Timeline Calendar (EXCEL version)- PALNYC:TalentED HS Admissions Calendar
HS Admissions Timeline Calendar (PDF version)- PALNYC:TalentED HS Admissions Calendar

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SPRING of 7th Grade: Test preparations get underway; consider a tutor for weak areas and plan your strategy in terms of practice testing. Public school tours and open houses begin so plan ahead

March: Register for Spring tours


June: NYC DOE High school handbooks distributed

July: NYC DOE High admission workshops

August: Open houses and Tour sign ups for Fall

FALL 8th Grade


– Schedule meeting with your placement counselor to discuss school choice options, – confirm interest to register for the SHSAT and/or LaGuardia auditions
– Check Parents League Schedule for Independent & Boarding School Fairs
– Register for SSAT or ISEE tests, and select at least 2-3 dates if budget allows- OCT, NOV and DEC dates for SSAT for example
– Interested in Parochial Schools? Register for the TACHS- Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools
– NYC DOE High school fairs-  citywide and borough specific
– Contact schools of interest about open house and information session dates
– Review audition dates in the High School Directory and register for auditions for arts programs
– work on School applications and draft essays
– Check the high school website for important dates: nyc.gov/schools/ChoicesEnrollment/High

– Firm up your school application list and share with school placement counselor
– Request Transcript release forms from school to high schools
– Attend the Citywide and Borough High School Fairs
– Receive the high school application
– Receive a SHSAT test ticket and/or LaGuardia audition ticket from your guidance counselor
– Take the SHSAT and/or audition for LaGuardia
– Review Admissions Priorities for each school
– Continue School applications and essays, compile portfolio assets and create a portfolio site

November  Submit screened materials and confirm school testing, interviews, supplemental applications, essays, portfolios; Auditions.

– Take the SHSAT for students with accommodations
– Audition for LaGuardia ongoing
– Check your commute for schools of interest
– Attend auditions and interviews; complete school-based assessments and/or portfolios
– Get your application ready: 1) make sure each code listed on the application is accurate; 2) sign the application; 3) make a copy of the application

December: application due for Public High Schools
– Wrap up school visits, auditions and interviews
– Submit your completed application to your guidance counselor by December 1
– Attend auditions and interviews; complete school-based assessments and/or portfolios
– Catholic school applications due
– All standardized testing should be complete
– Your school will submit supporting documents to prospective school
– RELAX an ENJOY your holiday!

WINTER 8th Grade

– All School visits and interviews should be complete within first couple weeks of January
– Attend auditions and interviews; complete school-based assessments and/or portfolios
– Prospective NYC Independent Schools Admissions Committee period
– Catholic High Schools release admissions notices

– No action – high school matching in progress
– Receive acceptance letters from independent schools
– Catholic acceptance reply cards
– Revisit period for NY Independent Schools (Admitted Students Only)
– Prospective Boarding School Admissions Committee Period
– Acceptance responses for Independent schools and articulate interest for waitlisted schools

– NYC DOE Main Round results distributed; letters due 2 weeks after
– Confirm Independent School Offers + Deposit for Independent schools along with acceptance confirmation due
– Confirmation of Specialized High School placement
– NYC DOE Round 2 application, school fairs students who did not receive a main round match
– Boarding Schools release admissions notices
– NJ Independent Schools release admissions notices
– Return acceptance of public school offer to DOE
– Spring tours for next grade begin

– NYC DOED appeal process starts
– Boarding School Contracts due
– NJ Independent School contracts due with deposit

– 8th grade graduation

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