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Starting in July, PALNYC offers 60 Days of Summer Fun @ throughout the summer, with plenty of great tips and resources to help keep those minds on fire throughout the summer months. Here are some basics to get you started:

1- Make Summer Reading Fun. Create a list of 4-6 books for you and your child to read over the summer. Provide opportunities to read everyday, and model reading for enjoyment daily too. Make reading fun by exploring the main library or creating a cozy book nook for your child.

2- Be Creative When Incorporating Math Practice. Practice math skills through everyday activities- cooking to introduce measuring and fractions; shopping for addition or subtraction; tracking temperature, etc. Make it fun while providing opportunities to learn skills they need. 

3- Create A Summer Goal List with Your Child. Have her pick 3 things she wants to learn to do or learn about during the summer, like ride a bike, learn to dive, conquer a fear, learn about fostering a pet, etc.& work together to achieve it.

4- Make a Game Plan. Consider a summer daily plan that incorporates an hour of reading, 20 minutes of math practice, and a word a day in addition to other events you have planned. Sharing the game plan with your child and repeating it daily will soon make it become a habit without the fuss.

5- Summer Camp & Workshops. Consider your child’s interests and talents. Narrow down the options and have your chid select the one he finds most interesting.  

6- Make a Rainy Day Plan. List fun indoor activities and games you can play on rainy days so you don’t find yourselves watching too much tv or getting bored. Teach your child a favorite card game, learn new board games together.

7- Keep it Informal & Fun. Enjoy the Summer. You don’t have to whip out the workbooks and flashcards, summer is great for informal learning. Provide opportunities for your child to pursue new interests, keeping the learning opportunities fun and engaging. Maintain balance by incorporating predictable scheduled activities as well as spontaneous unstructured fun.

CuratED Tech&Apps

  PALNYC Math Motherload & PALNYC Ed Tech List • 1001 Math ProblemsEd Surge • AppoLearning Community PicksCommon Sense Media GraphiteMindShift/How We LearnGetting SmartTeach ThoughtAppCrawlr• • Kindertown • TenMarks Summer Math  •  SAT  VocabMystery Math  Museum • Pet BingoOrchestra • MadPadStarWalk • Strip Designer The Elements

CuratED Programs

Center for Talented Youth (CTY) online & at Dwight 
SuperCampChallenge CampHollingworth Science Camp SciTech Kids • Science Teacher Sarah • Curious Jane
Brooklyn Robot Foundry
Symphony SpaceWritopia Lab • The Baseball Center • BasketBall StarsRoboFun
Pixel AcademyID Tech CampGirls Who Code CoderDojo BizCampsTADA! Youth Theater • NYC Is My Backyard
more at PALNYC


Brain Rules, John Medina

How Children Succeed, Paul Tough

The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle

Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky

Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv

PALNYC Summer Reading Lists

Some of My Best Friends Are Books

What To Read When

100 Great Children’s Books, 100 Years

Merriam Webster’s Vocabulary Builder

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