RoadMap to High School

The Roadmap to High School Downloadable Toolkit is Coming Soon!

Chock full of great information for public, independent and NYC Specialized High Schools, the NYC Roadmap to High School is your destination to make the NYC high school application process– including understanding the lay of the land, practical tips, making checklists, compiling research, test taking, essay writing, portfolio creation, school discovery and the interview process a whole lot easier.

And check out these great articles and resources from staff, parents and experts:

Roadmap to High School: from Kindergarten to College, the 30,000 Foot View

Practical Tips for Applying to NYC High Schools

Your Checklist for College Begins in 9th Grade

Writing High School Application Essays

Portfolio Resources for High School Admissions

Preparing for the High School Admissions Tests

Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences

We look forward to providing the Quick Facts and great resources from parents and experts in the NYC high school admissions process.

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