Preparing for the High School Admissions Tests

Whether your child is considering independent schools, public, boarding or even the specialized high schools, inevitably there will be tests to take including the SHSAT*, SSAT, ISEE and more.

Preparing for a standardized test requires good planning. Like the SAT or ACT, familiarity with strategy and practice are the best preparations for your child to do his or her best.

The following resources are meant as a starting point only. We encourage families who’ve had success with other programs, workbooks, tutors or test preparation programs to share others.

*Given the changes being considered by the DOE in regard to the SHSAT, please keep in mind this test and admission criteria is a moving target, so please check with the DOE for more information on new testing details as they become available.

TEST Companies




NYC High School Preparation & Tutoring Programs

DREAM Program, Just for seventh grade students, this program of the DOE prepares as many seventh graders as possible for the SHSAT. This year we will fill all open seats with seventh graders from our current waitlist. Doing this will double the number of seventh graders receiving SHSAT preparation. Next year the DREAM program will only recruit seventh graders.

DREAM stands for: Determination, Resiliency, Enthusiasm Ambition, and Motivation and runs two initiatives currently. Eligible students who apply are randomly selected to participate in DREAM-Specialized High School Institute (SHSI) or DREAM Summer-Fall Intensive. DREAM is an academic program available outside regular school hours that prepares eligible seventh-grade New York City public school students to take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) in the eighth grade.

Oliver Scholars Oliver Scholars recruits, prepares, and supports exceptional seventh grade students for placement and overall success at the nation’s top high schools.

Prep for Prep Strong partnerships between Prep for Prep and over 70 independent schools ensure that every student who successfully completes our Preparatory Component earns a place at an independent school, as well as a generous financial aid package that is awarded based on need.

Bespoke Education Bespoke provides tutoring, test preparation and academic support to students from Kindergarten through Graduate School, plus mock testing for the ISEE, SSAT and SHSAT.

Kweller Prep Kweller Prep is an established accelerated education program with a 15-year record of success in preparing students for top specialized middle-school, high-school, college entrance, and graduate school exams. The Kweller site also has great resources, important dates, videos and a blog with useful school information too.

GRF Test PrepFocused specifically on the SHSAT for NYC’s specialized high schools, GRF has almost a 40 year track record of test prep success with this one test. Check out the upcoming schedule here.


Varsity Tutors Top tutors from Columbia and other respected universities serving the NYC metro area.

Noodle Pros is a cohort of experienced test preparation and academic tutors.

Wyzant– digital marketplace to connect students to independent tutors

Mila Martynovsky–  math tutor; Mila has been teaching mathematics at Fordham University for more than 15 years as well as at numerous established and highly-regarded extracurricular programs, such as John Hopkins CTY, NY Math Circle, Math-M-Addicts, and Bright Minds of New York. She also has taught at the Speyer Legacy School in Manhattan, where she established the Girls Math Initiative club. Her MA in Education is from Moscow State University. In recent years, Mila has been coaching for the elementary and middle school competitions such as Math Kangaroo International Competition, AMC 8, MOEMS, MATHCOUNTS, and Math League, with excellent results.

More to be added soon.


SSAT Prep Workbooks

More to be added soon.



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