Hindsight is 20/20 Survey: A Look at NYC School Choice and Outcomes for Precocious Learners

Summer is fast approaching and after the year we just had, want to do more than thank your favorite first responder? How about handing them 1000 big ones? Take the PALNYC Hindsight is 20/20 Survey, and maybe you can.

With the ten year anniversary of PALNYC and the PAL Workshop Series aimed at finding ‘right fit’ learning environments for precocious learners in New York City, PALNYC wanted to assess where we are today, a decade after launching.

PALNYC wants to hear your impressions of your K-12 educational experience in NYC, and in return, we want to Pay it Forward.

Whether we use the terms gifted, gifted and talented, academically precocious or bright kids, parents who become aware of their child’s early advanced abilities— reading before age 5, math skills that go beyond same age peers, atypical musical or artistic ability, athletically gifted and other talents, often find it challenging to find ‘right fit’ educational environments to feed the insatiable learning appetite of their children.

With New York City options ranging from public schools, charter options, parochial programs, independent/private, boarding schools, and homeschooling, plus the evolving landscape of citywide gifted and talented programs and specialized high schools, NYC offers a complicated, yet option-filled educational landscape to navigate.

We wanted to revisit a survey we shared in 2011 and learn from the experience of families based on the path they chose and what, if any, lessons learned they would share with families embarking on the same journey now.

For families with children currently in grades 3 through college, we ask you to take a few moments to share your experience regarding the education your child received from kindergarten through high school.

PAY IT FORWARD! Those who complete the survey will be entered to win our First Responder Contest, in which one lucky winner will get to Pay it Forward with $1000 awarded to your school /community favorite first responder— a favorite teacher, school nurse, school counselor, law enforcement professional or front line worker who made the pandemic just a little easier to bear.

* The $1000 will be awarded directly to the school or organization with the stipulation that the money goes directly in full to the recipient chosen by the winner.


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