Getting Back to Basics: Learning How to Learn with Summer Study at Riverdale


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Despite the focus on executive function, metacognition and neuroscience and the teen brain, many teens are still reaching 8th grade without the tools they need to be great students. Quality academic instruction, self-advocacy, developing good study habits, understanding one’s own learning style, improving time-management skills, getting plenty of sleep, and healthy eating all contribute to academic success, yet test anxiety, too much homework and overambitious parent expectations can derail the brightest kids.

Supporting tweens and teens as they transition through middle school to high school is the focus of Learning How to Learn, Summer Study at Riverdale on June 18-July 27, 2018. In half-day morning classes over three- or six-week sessions, this new mathematics and writing program for rising 7th through 9th graders will give students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of academic disciplines through active learning that helps bridge the gap between academic years in order to develop and maintain important skill sets with extended classroom time.

Faculty and staff will work with students on both academic and personal goals, aiming to prepare them for new challenges in the next chapter of their education. An important teaching thread in all courses will be “learning how to learn.” The strategies and experiences of this program will provide a useful reservoir of knowledge and skills that students will draw upon in their future academic endeavors.

“Learning how to learn” is a set of skills and understandings that are essential not only for academic success, but also for personal and professional growth and well-being beyond schooling.

Leading your own learning involves understanding how to stay focused and on task, knowing how your brain works in terms of making and retrieving memories, and how to study and be involved in the classroom in productive and effective ways. We all have room to improve in these skills.

Instruction at Summer Study at Riverdale will embed lessons on metacognition and learning strategies so students improve on transferable skills that will benefit them far beyond one academic discipline.

Courses include Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Analytical Reading and Writing and Creative Writing. For Summer Study at Riverdale complete course and application information visit:  
Cost: Three-weeks: $1600 plus materials fee ($100), six-week: $3100. 

For questions about this program, please email program director Georgia Tucker at

General Information:

Who: Middle and Upper School Students entering grades 7–9. Riverdale and non-Riverdale students may enroll in courses.

Where: Upper Learning Building on the River Campus.

When: Courses in three- and six-week sessions in June and July. Students focus on one discipline—mathematics or writing—per session.

Three-week Session I: June 18-July 6
Three-week Session II: July 9-27
Six-week Session: June 18-July 27

Food and Transportation: Healthy snacks will be available during the day, but no meal service will be provided. Students are welcome to bring their lunch. Transportation will be available for an additional charge.


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