60 Days of Summer Fun… #16- Improve Your Aim

This might be more of a summer bucket list item, but it’s a great way to enjoy sports indoor and out while improving a skill. Aiming is an important part of archery, playing pool, bowling, softball, baseball, basketball, golf, darts and so many more sports.

Perfecting one’s aim takes practice, and here are some great games – minus the guns and knives- that will help improve your child’s aim:

1) Skeeball– what strategies do you use to aim for the highest points?

2) Bowling– without the bumpers! (Life doesn’t give you bumpers! ~ go see Boyhood!)

3) Carnival Games– Remember aiming the water gun to fill up the balloon until it pops?  Recreate your own carnival games at home to practice good aiming

4) Basketball hoops. The over-the-door set is a good alternate for the real thing when outside play isn’t possible

5) Pool – Play pool with some friendly pool sharks


6) Magnetic Darts like these for under $10 are good for practice

7) Bow & Arrow Sets. The soft Z Curve Bow set was my personal favorite from Toy Fair last year.

8) Putt Putt Golf on your own green. Create your own course in the yard, or do it the way Darrin Stevens did it with a ball and a cup on the carpet indoors. Or spend some bucks and think Caddyshack. And who invented this??

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