60 Days of Summer Fun… #15- Take the Opportunity to Teach- and Learn- a Life Lesson

I’m riding in the elevator with my 8-year old daughter and no one else is around. We’ve just sucked down the best and saltiest black licorice I’ve ever eaten, and with 40 more floors to descend, I smile at the mirrored elevator door to make sure there’s no black stuff stuck in my teeth. It’s just the two of us- and whoever can see us on the elevator surveillance camera, so I figure it’s okay. My daughter asks what I’m doing and I tell her I’m making sure there’s nothing in my teeth. Much to my surprise she says, “You’re already married to Daddy, so you don’t have to worry about other people noticing.” In my head I hear me let out a long, head-nodding “WOOO-AH” like Grace— as in Will and Grace— used to do. “First of all”, I begin….”we take care of our bodies —which includes personal hygiene— not to impress other people- but to show respect for ourselves.” I start thinking about the sexist implications of her comment and wonder if my rant that ensued was really about her choice of words, or just my perception of her comment. We might be on vacation in Texas, but the last thing my daughter is going to learn down here (I think to myself) is that women dress pretty to impress men. Life Lesson for Mommy: Floss after eating black licorice.

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