The P.A.L. Workshops Turns Two This Month!

On February 15, 2011, The P.A.L. Workshops launched with one mission in mind: to support the parents of New York City by providing educational workshops, talent development resources for our children, and experts to help navigate the best opportunities available to our children in one of the largest and most complicated educational systems in the country.

We’ve organized and facilitated workshops on topics that have included:

  • Meet the People Behind the G&T Programs in NYC
  • Gifted & Talented Admissions & Testing: The Straight Talk
  • Parenting the Accelerated Learner
  • Options in the Gifted Arena
  • Becoming Your Child’s Advocate
  • Positive Discipline & Your Advanced Learner: Ending the Great Debate With Your Little Lawyer
  • The NYC Gifted & Talented Process
  • Supporting Early Giftedness Through Play: A Hands-On, Play-Based Session for Parents
  • A Conversation with Dr. Rena Subotnik
  • The Power of Books & Film for Kids
  • Guiding Gifted Girls & Boys
  • Supporting Your Child’s Gifts & Talents: A Talent Development Roundtable
  • Preventing Summer Slide
  • A Mini-Session on Math: How to Talk to Your Children About Mathematics
  • A Roundtable Discussion on G&T Education in Partnership with NY Family Magazine
  • Critical Issues for the NYC Middle Schooler
  • Engaging Experiences to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

In two short years, we’ve shared conversations with the city’s best including Dr. Rena Subotnik, Psychologists Dr. Janet Jackson and Dr. Julia Osborn, Speyer Legacy School’s Connie Coulianos, Hollingworth’s Heather Pinedo-Burns, Hunter College’s Razel Solow and Howard Fuchs, Lang’s Micaela Bracamonte, Film Director Pamela French, Editor Eric Messinger, School co-founder Jennifer Selendy, Author Nancy Samalin, Author and School Consultant Vicki Goldman, Dr. Ranu Boppana, writer Alina Adams, Dr. Robin Aronow, as well as numerous teachers of the gifted and talented, parent experts and all of you.

We thank you all for sharing your experiences with others who desperately seek resources to support their own children.

This October 2013, in partnership with numerous G&T organizations, P.A.L. will spearhead and launch its first citywide educational symposium for all parents in need of great quality educational programs, including public and independent, after-school, summer camps, talent development-based opportunities, tutors, online and NYC specific resources, mentors for your child, meet-up opportunities for like minded kids, contests to support the products our G&T teachers and children are producing to get a glimpse into what distinguishes one school from another; and so much more.

In the meantime, check out our great resources on the P.A.L. Workshops Blog, join the mailing list, locate books and other support from our reading list and Math Mother lode pages–with tons of resources for your math student; share experiences with other parents and teachers in the safety of our PAL Listserv and join us for our year-round PAL Workshops Series.

So stay tuned and get ready to be schooled!


The P.A.L. Workshop Team

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