“Some mathematician, I believe, has said that true pleasure lies not in the discovery of truth, but in the search for it.” ~Tolstoy

Speaking of the search… in New York City, I’ve discovered numerous resources to support the math abilities of our children. Whether you’re looking for the right math tutor, an after school program, a Math Olympiad program, the new MOMATH Museum of Math, or just looking for books that support the mathematical mind, it all exists here.

Be sure to check out these book recommendations from Robert Berkman, director of Better Living Through Math, a start-up that focuses on professional development, curriculum design and programs for children and families.

Check back to hear tips and recommendations from Mr. Berkman’s talk at the P.A.L. Workshops on January 15, 2013. In the meantime, here are some other great math resources to explore:

New York City Interscholastics Mathematics League, NYCIML


Math in The City


Math Prize for Girls

Math for America

Association of Teachers of Mathematics of New York CityATMNYC

New York City Math Project Conference 




Leadership in Math Education @ Bank Street


Singapore Math

Everyday Math

TERC Investigations

Olympiad Math

Mathematical Association of America

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