60 Days of Summer Fun… #3- READING, Part 2- Making Reading Fun from the Get-Go

Inspire your child to pick up a book of her own this summer by creating the perfect reading environment for her. That includes getting your child excited about reading with a few tools:

– the book nook– a quaint oasis for reading,

– a reading log to keep track of the reading. It’s simple to make yourself, or use one of these templates. Our favorite is using an address book or app like GoodReads, Reader Buddy or Reading Life– that lets you keep track of your library of favorite reads. And check out your local library or book store for reading clubs, author chats, and freebies like a reading certificate, bookmarks and more.

– a basket filled with questions (or a reading dice or posted question board) that makes them stop and think about the reading as they move from chapter to chapter. Take a look at Bloom’s Taxonomy to understand good questions for probing reading comprehension.

– and of course, the perfect read. Be sure to check out our favorite booklists from the first of our series on READING.


Making a cozy BOOK NOOK for your child is easy with these simple steps below. Whether inside or outside, on a bunk bed, a window seat filled with pillows or on a hammock in the yard, make it your child’s go-to location to curl up with your favorite book.

Make it comfortable
Provide seating that is comfortable and cozy. Add pillows, blankets, your child’s favorite stuffed animal—anything to make the space more inviting. 

Make it practical
Consider your child’s likes and wants when it comes to creating a space for them to read in. Who doesn’t love a glass of pink lemonade with a good book? Consider adding a side table or a level surface so that your child will have a place to set down a drink or a snack.

Utilize what you have
Repurpose a chair by adding a bright sheet and pillows, or section off a small space in your child’s room–it doesn’t have to be fancy, just cozy. Use the materials and space you have to make something new and inviting.

Ensure it is well-lit
Consider building your nook in a place that gets a lot of natural light. Utilize lamps, windows and light colored fabrics to brighten up the space.

Create ambiance
Making your book nook a place that your child WANTS to be is key. If your child loves fairy tales, let that be the theme. Decorate it with flowing blankets, lush pillows, gilded lamps and stock it with great reads like this twist on the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Get creative and ask your child to get involved too!

Stock it with books
Create shelving where you can, and stack your child’s favorite books in so that they don’t have to go in search of new reading material when they finish a book. Use a basket or bin if your space won’t accommodate shelves.

Be Flexible
Sometimes you have to model that a good read happens where it happens. Be spontaneous and if that read happens in the middle of the living room floor or at the swimming pool, so be it. Anywhere is the perfect place to read.

hAPPily ever after…

PlayTales – Features hundreds of interactive stories on a multilingual platform. PlayTales’ stories are designed to educate, entertain, and inspire young readers ages 1 to 12. The PlayTales library features classic children´s tales such as The Ugly Duckling, Sleeping Beauty, and Puss in Boots, along with new favorites like Pocoyo, Popeye, Betty Boop, Sesame Street, and Felix that Cat. • Free

ScribblePress – If your child gets inspired by a great story, encourage them to try their hand at creating their own with this app. Scribble Press for iPad is a book creation platform that allows kids to create and share their own stories with hundreds of great drawing and writing tools. Users are able to download books instantly to their iBooks library! • $3.99

GoodReads– Discover and share books you love on Goodreads.

Reader Buddy Perfect reading log app for adults and children alike. keep track of the books you read, how often you read, how long you read at any given time, generate logs of such details and share with teachers. This free book reading log app also allows you to share your thoughts about the book and excerpts from the book on facebook.

Reading Life– A dashboard for your literary life. Your Kobo Homepage is a comprehensive overview of all your key reading related activities; your recent reads, personalized recommendations, and Featured Collections.

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