The P.A.L. Talent Showcase

We love when local media takes a moment to recognize talented youth who work hard at their craft. recently showcased a few NYC-based kids in their story, ‘Superstar City Kids Let Their Talents Shine from A Young Age.’

Parents are always looking for great resources, programs and mentors for their children, and this article provided a few great recommendations including the Professional Performing Arts School, The School of American Ballet, New York City Ballet, Downtown Dance Factory, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, NYC Lab School and more.

We’ve been inspired! Starting next month, the P.A.L. Workshops blog will feature a child each month as part of our new P.A.L. Talent Showcase. We invite you to share your own stories, experiences and resources with other P.A.L. parents — offering other parents recommendations and possibly lessons learned while trying to support the talent development or advanced academic abilities of our kids. So send us your nominations for kids who deserve a moment in the spotlight.


The P.A.L. Workshops

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