NYC G&T Symposium Call for Proposals

The NYC G&T Advisory Committee is now accepting proposal submissions for the 2015 NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium: The Right Fit.

The 2015 NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium: The Right Fit is a one-day biennial symposium presented by PALNYC that will educate parents on the pre-K through high school educational landscape in NYC and offer practical insight into the admissions process for NYC public and independent schools.

Have something to contribute to the Symposium? Take a look at some of the Speakers and Topics that have graced the PAL Workshop Series and prior NYC G&T Symposium, then read on to find out more about submitting a proposal.

Call for Proposals

Our advisory committee is currently accepting proposals from subject matter experts in the following areas: admissions, testing & the interview process for each strand, Pre-K through HS (the general landscape of NYC educational options, what tests are relevant for each program, the G&T process, the nuts and bolts of the admissions process, etc); understanding school models (differences in traditional, progressive, Montessori, Reggio, etc.; understanding school cultures (single sex v. co-ed, G&T, boarding options, etc); negotiating the practical—financial aid, school neighborhood zoning and much more.

Additionally, we’ll be including a few panels to explore the plethora of talent development based programs and enrichment opportunities throughout NYC, so we will consider shorter form (20 minute) solicitations from program leaders focused on math, literary arts, social and emotional learning, athletics, entrepreneurship, the arts and other areas relevant to the pre-k through HS student population. 

Approved proposals for speaker presentations will meet the following criteria:

  • Reflect the mission of PALNYC to support the strengths and talents of NYC youth and their families by offering resources that support cognitive, social and emotional development.
  • Be appropriate for an audience of parents, professionals & education consultants with a focus on pre-K through high school.
  • Limit presentation to 20 minutes (lunch presentation) or 50 minutes (main session presentation) with time for Q&A as relevant.
  • Speak to the greater culture of NYC schools, the admissions process, school types, etc.
  • Contain thought provoking content as it relates to finding the right educational fit for children.
  • Refrain from any sales pitch whatsoever
  • Individual or co-presenters may not accept presenter fees or honorariums including travel, transportation for this engagement

Submit a Proposal


For more details, please contact Angelique LeDoux at or call 212.343.8881.

To stay in the loop on this event and others subscribe to the PALNYC blog. For sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities at the Symposium apply here.


Parents of Accelerated Learners, NYC [PALNYC] is a 501(c)3 non-profit on a mission to support the strengths and talents of NYC high potential youth and their families by offering resources that support cognitive, social and emotional development. This mission continues to be realized today through quality programs and collaboration with a wide network of schools, educators, parents and sponsors.

The Biennial 2013 NYC G&T Symposium Sponsors:

NYCG&T SUpporting PArtners


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