Register Today for the 2016 NYC Gifted &Talented Symposium Coming Saturday, March 12!

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Join Parents of Accelerated Learners, NYC [PALNYC] on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at New York Law School in TriBeCa for the 2016 NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium & Benefit

The 2016 NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium & Benefit— one day to invest in your child’s future—is a day long symposium presented by PALNYC at the New York Law School that will kickoff the inaugural NYC G&T + 2E Week and help parents and educators support the cognitive, social and emotional development of NYCs high potential youth. Explore the pre-K through 8th grade educational landscape in NYC, programs that cater to the talents and strengths of G&T learners, and learn ways you can support your child’s unique strengths and interests through local and online programs and innovative Ed Tech resources.

The 2016 Keynote

Don’t miss the keynote, Finding Nourishment for Advanced Learners in Today’s Educational Desert by Dr. Elaine Tuttle Hansen, the executive director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, who has devoted her career to the education of bright young minds and the pursuit of academic excellence.

At CTY, which now offers summer and family academic programming in NYC, in addition to its residential, day, online, and travel programs, Hansen has led initiatives designed to foster the continued growth and evolution of the organization in key areas including access and inclusion, talent identification and development, international advisory services, and public advocacy for the needs of pre-collegiate students with high academic potential. She has promoted a reinvigorated research program devoted both to the basic science that can expand our understanding of advanced learners and the translational work that connects evidence-based studies with practice. Learn more about Dr. Hansen’s achievements and accolades here.

Symposium Details

The NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium & Benefit includes topics on talent development, social & emotional development and how to navigate the practical matters for parents and educators of NYCs high potential youth, including: What is Gifted? Understanding Identification; Intro to the Social & Emotional Needs of High Ability Youth; Genius: Then, Now, Tomorrow- Literacy & STEM Curriculum; Supporting Culturally Diverse, High Ability Kids; Providing Rigor and Relevance in the Classroom; The Flip Side of Gifted: Uneven, Unmotivated & Anxious and much more. To see session titles and descriptions, check out The 2016 NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium & Benefit Event site.

In addition to well rounded panels and expert speakers, the Symposium boasts a Curated Exhibit Hall, a carefully vetted sampling of NYC’s finest educational programs and schools, and an Ed Tech Discovery Showcase to share new innovations in learning tools with parents and educators.

Join us March 12, 2016 at the New York Law School in TriBeCa to:

  • Share best practices during the PALNYC Thought Leaders Roundtable– The Secret Sauce: Articulating What Works in Educating High Ability Youth Citywide, a conversation and showcase of best practices among NYCs top schools for supporting high ability learners
  • Explore a variety of schools and programs that support the cognitive, social and emotional needs of high potential youth and find the right fit for your unique child.
  • Choose from any session within multiple strands, including: Talent Development, Social & Emotional Development, Navigating the Practical, Top-of-Mind Topics and Professional Development, a dedicated strand for educators.
  • Collaborate and network with like-minded parents, principals, teachers, education consultants and specialists from some of NYC’s top programs for high potential children.
  • Visit the Curated Exhibit Hall to discover local and online programs, camps and enrichment specifically focused on the talent and ability areas of your child, whether their passion is art, reading, math, animals, architecture, music, chess, dance, sports, coding, game design, theater or entrepreneurship.
  • Try out the latest at the Ed Tech Discovery Showcase with even more innovative programs available for home and school use to enhance and engage students in learning. Come see firsthand how new tools are transforming engagement and improving learning outcomes.
  • Meet the Michael Perelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund Discover Your Passion 2015 award winners, the third cohort of talented NYC youth that exemplify exceptional promise in areas such as the arts, comedic performance, computer science, music and chess.
  • Discover school programs and educational options relevant to your child, including co-ed versus single sex, boarding versus day programs, progressive versus traditional school philosophies, gifted & talented versus gen-ed programs, public versus private, charter, homeschool, online, one-to-one models– just about every option that NYC offers for your pre-K-8th grader.


Everything You Need to Know at a Glance

The NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium & Benefit 

Time & Date: 8:00am – 4:00pm, Saturday March 12, lunch included
Location: New York Law School • 185 West Broadway, TriBeCa, NYC
Attendees: Parents of pre-k through middle school students
Registration: Visit our Eventbrite page to register:
Tickets: $99 standard, $125 at the door
*buy-one, get one discounts and need based scholarships are available
Contact: Angelique LeDoux @ 212.343.8881 or via email @


Teachers & Principals, Don’t miss the NEW dedicated Professional Development Strand for Educators. Register here to get $15 tickets while discounted seats are available. *For educators only*NYCG&T_Educator Flier


Our Commitment to NYC Families

The Symposium, organized by PALNYC, provides funding to support low cost programming for New York families, regardless of socio-economic status, to ensure that ALL families have access to the best programs and educational opportunities for their children. We encourage collaboration among all parents and educators, principals, mental health professionals, education researchers, ed tech specialists, consultants, school counselors, pediatricians, pediatric dentists, school nurses, and anyone who wants to join the conversation about supporting NYC’s high potential youth.

Symposium content is relevant for parents and professionals of children from pre-K through middle school. 

Register today at or contact Angelique LeDoux @ 212.343.8881 or via email @ with any questions.


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