60 Days of Summer Fun… #12- Be A Model for Your Child

‘I don’t want to take swim lessons!! I already know how to swim.”

That’s what happens when I make the choices for summer activities, so despite desperately wanting my daughter to have stronger skills in an area she is improving in on her own, sometimes you have to let loose of the reigns a bit. I’ve learned to instead narrow down the choices of classes, camps and learning options and let her make the final choice.

But this isn’t all about her choices. The important role we parents serve as role models is as important as trying new activities or sports. To that end, I included my daughter in my plans… to take a few swim classes too- to improve my swimming. We can all get better at something even if we- and they- think they already know how to do it. So I’m modeling that learning can happen at any age, even if we already know how to do it. We all can improve at anything we put more effort into.

Today we set out for her chosen lesson- paddle boarding- and we’ll see how well her swimming serves her. Just in case, the life vest will be on.

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