Learning Day by Day, All Summer Long

Our PAL Workshops season finale on preventing summer learning loss provided some great tips on ways to support your child through the summer months.
For  parents who want to be sure to keep their 2nd through 5th graders math skills in check, we found this FREE, six-week, email based Summer Math Challenge program based on Common Core State Standards that automatically emails you activities and resources to help kids retain math skills.

Summer Math Challenge

The “challenge” of the program is simply for parents and their children to talk about math a little together every day! The program will last for six weeks and will focus on one math concept per week. Parents will receive daily emails which will include fun activities and resources to help  kids retain the math skills learned during the previous school year.

For 2013 the Summer Math Challenge will target students entering grades 3 – 6 next fall. The math concepts emphasized are based on grade-level state standards and Common Core State Standards for Mathematics for grades 2 through 5. Placement will be based on the student’s Quantile measure (if they have one) and grade level. Parents and their children will be able to visit the Summer Math Challenge webpage to earn badges for their weekly progress and learn more about the weekly concepts.  Activities will be grounded in everyday life and be engaging for both parents and children.  This program also helps parents to understand that they do not need to be math experts to talk about math with their kids!

It doesn’t get much easier than this to help support your child’s math abilities. And don’t forget to incorporate simple math skill builders you have handy into your routine this summer:

• playing War with a deck of cards,
• dice games to compare numbers, add, subtract, multiply and divide
• create grocery store games to compare items- what’s more or less and the diference in price
• use manipulatives like Unifix cubes, legos, coins, collectibles, candy, etc to visualize math operations
• practice with Math apps like Sushi Monster
• create online or printable math worksheets to focus on your child’s area of need

And if you need more math ideas, be sure to check out our Math Motherload page with more math resources.

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