You’ve Never Seen A Panel Like This!

I don’t think there have ever been so many reps from so many NYC-based G&T schools at once. If you are considering a G&T program, or are in one, you won’t want to miss this conversation about G&T Education in NYC on Tuesday, October 16.

The P.A.L. Workshops, in partnership with New York Family Magazine presents:


Is gifted and talented education really that different? With all the frenzy around G&T tests each year, and not enough seats to accommodate the number of students, what does it mean to be a gifted and talented program? Can a high-scoring gen ed public school help kids reach their highest potential? Do private schools better serve this population with their smaller class size and course offerings? Is charter school or home schooling an option for an advanced learner? How do Hunter, citywide schools and districtwide G&T schools differ? How can G&T learners –regardless of program- connect with like-minded peers and take advantage of local learning and mentoring opportunities?

Join New York Family Magazine Editor Eric Messenger as he moderates a panel of principals and parents to explore answers to these questions and more about G&T Education in New York City. This session is ideally suited for parents who are interested in pursuing a gifted and talented program in NYC, as well as those already enrolled.

Reps from Hunter, Anderson, TAG, NEST, BSI, STEM PS85, The Speyer Legacy School, The Lang School, Lower Lab, PS33, and more will be on-site for discussion and Q&A.

 To register:

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