Supporting Your Child’s Gifts & Talents

As parents, it’s not hard to pick up on our child’s interest areas, whether it’s dinosaurs, cats, princesses, or other obvious passions. But for the child who shows natural ability in music, yet refuses piano lessons, or artistic ability but doesn’t want formal art classes; or loves to play chess, but won’t participate in competitions, how can parents encourage without pushing?

Supporting your cat lover can include books about furry felines, but an afterschool program called Little Vets, lets animal lovers delve much deeper with weekly classes at a local vet hospital.

Finding local NYC or online programs, after-school activities, and other supports to encourage and engage our kids in activities meant to further their talent areas can sometimes be daunting.

So don’t miss the P.A.L. Workshop: Supporting Your Child’s Gifts and Talents next Tuesday, May 15 when experts Janine Caffrey, author of Nurturing Brilliance: Discovering and Developing your Child’s Gifts and Hollingworth Preschool Director Heather Pinedo-Burns will explore ways for parents to support the strengths and talent areas of their children.

Come get an actionable list of things you can do every day to support your child’s strength areas. Multiple intelligences and talent development will also be discussed, while parents will lend concrete recommendations of local NYC-based resources to help you navigate the best road for your kiddo.

And don’t miss our G&T Resources: SpeedDating Style!
You asked for local resources and an opportunity to meet other parents and discover peer group opportunities for your kids, and we created it- G&T SpeedSourcing!

Parents, after our guest speakers and Q&A, author and matchmaker Nancy Slotnick will lead our SpeedSourcing event. You’ll have the opportunity to share 1-3 resources with other parents who are also looking for great school recommendations, afterschool programs, summer camps, tutors, mentors, museums, books for kids, books for adults, conferences, meet-up groups—anything that has your seal of approval from first-hand experience. And who knows what could come of it; your kid might have a new playdate or peer mate.

Angelique LeDoux, founder of the P.A.L. Workshop Series and Jade’s ToyBox
Nancy Slotnick,
author, matchmaker and founder of the and

Janine Caffrey, Ed. D., is Superintendent of Schools in Perth Amboy, was the founder of the Renaissance Academy in Florida, and is the author of Nurturing Brilliance: Discovering and Developing Your Child’s Gifts.

Heather Pinedo-Burns, is the Director of Hollingworth Preschool at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 @ 6:30 pm- 8 pm
Downtown Community Center at 120 Warren Street between Greenwich Street and West Street in Tribeca.

For Registration:

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