Considering CityWide G&T Programs?

Considering a Citywide Gifted & Talented Public School for Your Child? If so, this FREE panel discussion, entitled, “The Parent’s Perspective on Citywide G&T Education” by our friends at PACE, (Parents’ Alliance for Citywide Education) may be  a great opportunity for you to meet parents and reps from each of the five Citywide G&T Programs.

Tuesday April 17, 2012. 7-8:30 pm Auditorium at PS 20 (166 Essex St. at Houston) Admission is free

Parent reps will share the unique aspects and challenges of their schools in the format of a panel discussion followed by a question and answer session. Sponsored by PACE: Parents’ Alliance for Citywide Education Moderated by Robin Aranow, Ph.D., founder of SchoolSearch NYC.

For more information:

For more details about each Citywide school, see the PACE Outline:

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