The Gifted &Talented Smörgåsbord

Smörgåsbord. I love that word… it reminds me of Florida restaurants I frequented in the summers with my dad and grandparents growing up. They offered loads of bland, under-salted, over-processed food, but the dessert buffet was amazing. Or so it was to a sugar addict who was plenty satisfied with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. But I digress…

This month- in preparation for Summer, we’re reaching out to you, the parents, teachers and extended family and friends of P.A.L. for great kid-tested, parent-approved resources for advanced learners, and those who simply want a strong program to ignite the fire. We’re determined to create the P.A.L. Smörgåsbord, basically a HOAGIES specific to NYC. (Carolyn, we LOVE you! Come join us for a workshop this fall!)

We are looking specifically for those recommendations with which you’ve had positive first -hand experience–a local school, an afterschool program, STEM-related extracurricular programs, camps or summer options. It could be an IPAD app, a Khan Academy session that really connected, a homeschool resource, a great game to help kids learn multiplication, a reading list you’d recommend for gifted kids or their parents, a lecture series, a mentor, a specific peer group that’s open to new kids joining, a local performance or exhibit that was meaningful and engaging.  It could be a film on twice exceptionality that hit home, a YouTube video that helped your child ‘get it.’ We’re talking engaging and relevant resources for advanced learners of all different strength areas: math, language, music, art, sports, special interest areas like animals, architecture, writing, gaming, anything… we want your top 10.

Just hit reply, add your recommendation and either a link or contact information for the resource, and we’ll compile them into a master list that will post in June.

Thanks for your input!

The P.A.L. Partnership

  One thought on “The Gifted &Talented Smörgåsbord

  1. March 28, 2012 at 5:55 am

    Little Vets,
    My daughter LOVES this afterschool program for 2nd-3rd graders, but parents with advanced learners / motivated first graders may participate too. It’s not fluffy; it’s serious hands-on in an emergency care vet hospital that rivals Sloan Kettering. To explore the circulatory system, the lesson included an intimate encounter with a cow and dog heart. And have you ever seen an X-Ray of the things your dog eats that don’t come out? These kids got to see that, and the surgery to remove it! AMAZING! I think I’m enjoying it as much as she. Definitely in the Top 10.

    from the website:
    Explore the world of veterinary medicine with practicing veterinarians.  Learn how veterinarians think and work.  Use real tools and medical equipment as you diagnose and treat your very own “patient”.  Classes are held at NYC Veterinary Specialists, New York City’s premier emergency and specialty veterinary hospital.  Each class will focus on a different topic ranging from bones to blood to surgery.  Through hands-on workshops, live animal contact, unique activities and exciting games, you will learn all about being an animal doctor from someone who does it (and loves it) every day.

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