The Gifted &Talented Smörgåsbord

Smörgåsbord. I love that word… it reminds me of Florida restaurants I frequented in the summers with my dad and grandparents growing up. They offered loads of bland, under-salted, over-processed food, but the dessert buffet was amazing. Or so it was to a sugar addict who was plenty satisfied with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. But I digress…

This month- in preparation for Summer, we’re reaching out to you, the parents, teachers and extended family and friends of P.A.L. for great kid-tested, parent-approved resources for advanced learners, and those who simply want a strong program to ignite the fire. We’re determined to create the P.A.L. Smörgåsbord, basically a HOAGIES specific to NYC. (Carolyn, we LOVE you! Come join us for a workshop this fall!)

We are looking specifically for those recommendations with which you’ve had positive first -hand experience–a local school, an afterschool program, STEM-related extracurricular programs, camps or summer options. It could be an IPAD app, a Khan Academy session that really connected, a homeschool resource, a great game to help kids learn multiplication, a reading list you’d recommend for gifted kids or their parents, a lecture series, a mentor, a specific peer group that’s open to new kids joining, a local performance or exhibit that was meaningful and engaging.  It could be a film on twice exceptionality that hit home, a YouTube video that helped your child ‘get it.’ We’re talking engaging and relevant resources for advanced learners of all different strength areas: math, language, music, art, sports, special interest areas like animals, architecture, writing, gaming, anything… we want your top 10.

Just hit reply, add your recommendation and either a link or contact information for the resource, and we’ll compile them into a master list that will post in June.

Thanks for your input!

The P.A.L. Partnership

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