What’s The Right Fit for My Child?

For those who attended last night, it was an excellent session by Karen Quinn and Michael McCurdy. We had more questions than we had time for so we will be sure to post a Q&A with Karen and Michael to answer even more of your questions right here on the P.A.L. Workshops Blog.

But as Michael said, the admissions and testing process is not the end; the school choice is next, followed by a lot of parent involvement. So be sure to join us for the November 15th  P.A.L. Workshop:

What’s The Right For My Child? Options in the Gifted Arena

A moderated panel of elementary school parents offer their perspectives on districtwide, citywide, public and private options and the approaches to G&T Education in NYC. Join us for an honest and rare look into the various gifted and talented programs available to children throughout New York City.

Topics will include:

• What’s all the hoopla about Hunter?

• How is a citywide school program different than a districtwide?

• Do all private schools accommodate advanced learners and what are the right questions to ask?

• Is a “really good” NYC public school the right fit for your G&T child?

• What options are there for twice exceptional, or gifted children with learning differences like ADHD or Aspergers, etc?

• What are the pros and cons of a self-contained program? And other than Hunter and citywide, what are the other options?

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